To all our current and past clients, thank-you so much for choosing me as your real estate agent. I value your opinion about what it was like to work with me and I think other prospective buyers and sellers would appreciate knowing what level of service they can expect from me.

There are many things I can say about the quality of service I provide, but probably none would be as credible as testimonials from my recent clients.

So please take a moment to read the following testimonials. Believable, genuine and honest reviews are worth their weight in gold. They help to outline my experience and integrity, as well as making it clear how much I enjoy helping my clients with their real estate needs.

"As first time buyers, we didn’t know what to expect, and working with Jessica really eased our anxieties. We appreciated her experience, extensive knowledge of the Baltimore market, and her professionalism and responsiveness (especially in regards to negotiations). We truly felt she had our best interests at heart, as she wasn’t pushy at all and really listened to our needs. Four years later, we’re happily living in the same home we purchased through Jessica’s guidance. We can’t recommend her services enough!" -Megan Starinsky
"She has masterful knowledge of Bolton Hill and surrounding neighborhoods. She responds to inquiries promptly. She is very personable and engaging. Her associates are equally capable and accommodating." - Francis Tirol

"We had a wonderful experience with Jessica and have since referred her to a few of our friends, who are now homeowners themselves! Jessica was on top of the entire process from start to finish. As first time homebuyers, we had LOTS of questions but she happily answered them all and was very patient and diligent going through our contract. The one time Jessica could not be available, she sent her assistant Eugenia, who was prompt and helpful as well." - Emily Sherman

"Eugenia is a fantastic agent to work with. Her honesty about a property (she'll help sell you anything, but she's very candid about why or why not a certain property would be a good deal) is refreshing. Additionally, when it comes time for the real negotiations, her candor does not turn shy. Firstly, she works entirely in your favor; secondly, she's not afraid to push to get you the best possible deal. She fully explains any process questions you may have, and she is always available. All in all, a hearty recommendation for someone who won't sugar-coat you just to get commission. " -Gavin Latham

"Jessica Dailey was an outstanding agent for us in the sale of our home. Our property was relatively unique, so needed a selling agent with a keen understanding not only of the neighborhood but also of the potential buyers who would buy in our target range. She developed a highly professional sales plan and exceeded our expectations in negotiating a strong sale of the property. She was also highly responsive throughout the whole process and treated us like we were her only client. And, very importantly, she was just great to spend time with. She turned what could have been a very stressful process of selling into an organized and positive experience. I would highly recommend her." -Stephen Ruckman

"Loved working with Eugenia. Totally transparent and it was unquestionably apparent that she always had our best interests in mind. Buying a house is a challenging experience, but interacting with Eugenia was the part of the process that we looked forward to the most. Highly recommended!" -Eli Park-Yanovitch

"I couldn't speak more highly of Jessica Dailey than if she were my own relative! My husband and I hired Jessica to act as a buyer's agent to help us purchase a wonderful historic condo on Mount Vernon Square in what was to have been an owner's sale not involving real-estate agents. We knew Jessica had a reputation as a shrewd negotiator - and an encyclopedic knowledge of Midtown neighborhoods - and we wanted to be sure we weren't overpaying or under-thinking things. Thanks to Jessica, we got a better deal than we ever could have managed on our own, and even more importantly, the assuredness of her knowledge and experience. All of this wrapped up in a spirited, friendly and highly responsive demeanor that turned our purchase from nightmare-inducing to a real and genuine pleasure. I'm certainly glad I wasn't on the opposite side of that negotiating table on this transaction, because I wouldn't have stood a chance against her! I've recommended her to a number of friends since then, and will continue to do so. The next time we buy or sell, you can bet that Jessica Dailey will be at our side, the whole way through!" -Greg Baranoski